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Iron steam productivity (gr./min)
Microwave Volume (litre)
Microwave Power (Watt)
S/M Number of stitch types
S/M Type of buttonhole loop
S/M Sewing back
S/M Sewing with a double needle
S/M Thread embedding mechanism
S/M Thread Cutting Blade
S/M Zigzag width (mm.)
S/M Stitch length (mm.)
S/M Bobbin Type
Mixer Speed Count
Mixer Volume (l.)
Oven Type
Oven convection
Oven Gril
Bread Maker Power (W)
Bread Maker Productivity (g.)
Bread Maker Programs Q-ty
Food Processor Power (W)
Food Processor Speed Q-ty
Food Processor Volume (l.)
Juicer Speed Q-ty
Pressure cooker Power (W)
Pressure cooker Volume (l.)
Pressure cooker Programs Q-ty
Toaster Power (W)
Garment Steamer steam productivity (gr./min)
Garment Steamer Water Tank Capacity (L.)
Garment Steamer Power (W)
Blender Speed Q-ty
Blender Bowl Type
Scale Weight
Scale Control type
Chopper Power (W)
Chopper Speed Q-ty
Chopper Bowl Type
Chopper Bowl Volume (l.)
Fryer Power (W)
Fryer Oil content (L)
Fryer Timer
Sandwich Maker Power (W)
Food Dehidrator Power (W)
Food Dehidrator Number of baskets
Coffee Grinder Power (W)
Coffee Grinder Capacity (gr)
Crepe maker power ( W )
Car wash power (W)
Fryer Maximum Temperature
Coffee maker Water Tank Capacity (L)
Coffee maker power (W)
Coffee maker Type
Coffee pot power (W)
Coffee pot Water Bowl Capacity (L)
Cotton candy maker power (W)
Popcorn maker power (W)
Popcorn maker bowl volume (L)
Coffee maker Type

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